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How DIY Electrical Wiring Can Cause Injuries and Damages

DIY Electrical Wiring
Although DIY electrical work might save you money, you should think twice before dabbling in DIY electrical repairs. Unless you have adequate skills and experience, DIY electrical work can cause you more pain and money in the long run.  Below are some of the problems you may experience after negligent DIY electrical work.

Electrical Fires

Shoddy DIY wiring can trigger electrical fires that can cause expensive damage, serious injuries or even death. You will suffer an even greater loss if the fire starts while there is no one at home. Here are some of the typical causes of electrical fires:
  • An electrical extension cable that overheats because you have placed it under a carpet
  • An electrical outlet that shorts when it's exposed to water
  • An outlet that is unable to handle the power demands of a heavy-duty appliance
Electrical fires caused by these situations - and others - can burn down your whole house.


An electrocution is a serious electrical shock that can even result in a fatality. An electrocution typically happens if you touch a current carrying conductor. You might touch a naked electrical conductor if you don't know it is hot, you mistakenly think it is insulated, or you touch an electrical appliance with a short circuit.
A good example is if you make a mistake while installing an extra power outlet in your home, and you introduce a short in the circuit. Such a short circuit may give you a nasty electrical shock when you try to plug something into the outlet.

Equipment Failures

A poor DIY wiring may also damage your electrical equipment, appliances, and electronics. For example, a mistake that creates a short circuit or a power surge can damage equipment on the circuit. Don't forget that there is a maximum power limit each of your electrical appliances can handle.
Consider an example where you use indoor electrical cables to connect your outdoor Christmas lights and decorations. Since indoor cables don't protect against moisture or water exposure, a small drizzle can cause a short in your outdoor wiring that may fry all the connected equipment.

Code Violations

A negligent DIY wiring job may also violate the National Electrical Code plus any regional electrical codes your jurisdiction may have. These codes are there to enhance electrical safety and inefficiency. A code violation is, therefore, not just an illegality, but also a disaster waiting to happen.
For example, the electrical code specifies the number of electrical outlets a house should have, the types of outlets to install, and where to install them. The use of a wrong outlet, such as an ordinary outlet instead of a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) violates the code. The authorities will force you to rewire your house if they discover the violation.


A serious electrical mishap in your house can trigger such a widespread damage that you may go without power for some time. Electrical damage that affects the main service panel, for instance, will affect the whole house. You may cause this damage if you try to upgrade your main electrical panel and make a mistake in the process.

Energy Inefficiency

Even if you don't see immediate consequences of your bad work, poor DIY wiring may still cause you hidden losses. For example, poor wiring may cause electricity losses for which you still have to pay. Such losses may arise, for example, if you make a mistake during an appliance repair and the mistake interfere with the appliance's energy efficiency.
At Richardson Ready Electric Incorporated, we don't want you to suffer any of the above problems because you made a mistake with your wiring. Give us a call you have an electrical issue in your home, or you want to upgrade your wiring. We will save you from the complications associated with poor electrical work.