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Keep Your Family Safer With These Lighting Updates

Illuminated wooden staircase
A home should be a place of comfort and safety; however, this is not always the case. Every year, thousands of people sustain injuries from accidents that occur in their own homes, with slips and falls being the most common incident types.
Obstructions and home design issues elevate a fall risk, but an inability to see causes it to soar. Fortunately, you can upgrade your lighting to improve safety.

Landing Lighting

Stairs are a dangerous place in a home when you can't see clearly. At night when walking down the steps in hast, you could take a false step and fall. For someone who is not familiar with your home, such as a guest, the likelihood of a fall is even higher. Landing lights are an excellent solution for increasing safety near staircases.
As their name suggests, these fixtures are installed along the landing area of a staircase. However, their brightness illuminates a wider area, keeping the entire span of the staircase visible. For taller, angled stairs, these lights are installed on each landing. The installation of landing lighting is an especially excellent safety tool for both the elderly and small children.

Indirect Lighting

Direct lighting can be dangerous in a home because of its glare-producing qualities. With direct lighting, light is directed in a downward position, which allows it to shine brightly onto the lower surfaces in the room.
However, this downward direction produces an intense glare that limits the field of view and causes a blinding sensation. For this reason, direct lighting should be reserved for task lighting needs, such as over an island in a kitchen.
It's better to rely on indirect lighting for high-traffic areas, such as a hallway, to enhance visibility and safety. With indirect lighting, the light is cast in an upward direction and bounces off the ceiling and walls. Indirect lighting illuminates the area, but it does so without causing a glare. 

Path Lighting

Path lighting is an excellent safety addition. Cold temperatures could cause the water on your steps to freeze, and high winds can blow lawn fixtures onto the sidewalk. In either instance, if you can't see what's ahead, you could slip and fall.
Path lighting allows you to see what's ahead of you and avoid injury. Path lighting can also help keep others on your property safe. Since the homeowner is often responsible for any damages sustained on their property, path lighting could prevent a neighbor or delivery driver’s slip and fall, which could turn into a liability suit.
In addition to increasing safety, path lighting is an excellent way to enhance curb appeal and add more character to the exterior of your home.


It's true that great things often come in small packages, and a light fixture doesn't get much smaller than a nightlight. These tiny fixtures aren't just great for helping your children fall asleep at night; they can also keep the entire family safer when it's dark.
For example, if you find yourself tripping over your house slippers when getting out of the bed to go to the bathroom at night, a nightlight can provide enough illumination to offer a clear view of the floor in front of you without disturbing your sleep.
Nightlights are also helpful in tight spaces with obstructions, such as a hallway with a large entryway table. Best of all, you can easily add a nightlight on your own.
At Richardson Ready Electric Incorporated, we can perform these and many other additions to your home to help keep your family protected. Contact us whenever you’re ready to make changes for the better.