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What Summer Electrical Upgrades Should You Make?

Silver Ceiling Fan on White Ceiling
As the seasons change, so do your electrical needs. With the mercury rising and summer heating things up, it's time to call an electrical contractor to get your home ready.
Keep in mind, even though some home improvement projects are simple enough for the novice DIY-er to accomplish on their own, electrical upgrades typically require a professional. Some serious safety issues come into play when you work with electricity. Unless you have experience, training, and expertise, leave the electrical work to an electrician.
What types of pre-summer upgrades should you talk to an electrician about? Take a look at some of the top warm-weather season electrical projects to consider.

Ceiling Fans

Why waste the space above your head when you could use it to cool your hot summer rooms? Instead of constantly running the air conditioner — which can dramatically increase your energy usage and the related bills that will follow) — ad a ceiling fan to circulate the air and cool down your rooms. Newer ENERGY STAR ceiling fan-light combinations can be at least 60 percent more energy efficient than older, traditional ones.
An improperly installed ceiling fan poses a serious safety risk. The fan can fall if it isn't anchored securely, preferably to a ceiling joist. Along with safety issues, a fan that isn't balanced correctly can wobble and cause excess noise. Likewise, if the lighting part of the fan is improperly wired, it can cause both safety and sensory issues, such as flickering lights.

Exterior Illumination

Summer-time outdoor dining, pool parties, and other outdoor experiences that are held in the evening or at night require lighting. If your home's patio or yard area is dimly lit — or not lit at all — an electrician can remedy the situation.
Not only can lighting the outside of your house provide plenty of illumination for those mid-summer night-time barbeques, but it can also add a layer of safety to your home. Lighting the exterior area can deter potential burglars, decreasing the break-in risk.
Even though exterior lighting may seem simple, it's a complicated home improvement. The lights themselves are exposed to the elements, meaning they'll have to withstand rain, hail, and anything else that Mother Nature throws your way. Hiring a professional electrical contractor to install the outdoor lighting is the easiest way to make sure that the lights are hung right — and safely — the first time around.

Water Lighting

If you have a pool or hot tub, lighting your water feature can turn it from a daytime-use-only space to a way to play and entertain your guests 24-7. Like exterior lighting, which is exposed to the elements, pool lighting comes in contact with water. The wet environment makes it absolutely essential for you to install the lights correctly. If not, you can cause a serious safety issue.
Avoid taking this task into your own hands, and ask a professional to do the installation. The pros know how to correctly install pool lights, wiring them for safety and reducing the shock hazard. They can also help you to identify the style and type of light that makes the most sense for your pool.
Pool lighting isn't the only water-covered exterior electrical issue that you'll run into when upgrading your yard for the summer. Hot tubs may also require underwater lights. Whether your hot tub doesn't have lights or the lights just don't work properly, an electrician can help you to achieve the look you want in a safe way.
Do you need help upgrading your home's electrical system for the summer? Contact Richardson Ready Electric Incorporated for ideas and more information on ways to keep your home cool, comfortable, and looking great.